Recipe Index

Breakfast & Brunch

Gluten-free coconut kefir waffles

Goodness Gracious Granola, part 1

Heartwarming porridge

Raw banana crepes

Warming chocolate muesli

Coconut bircher

Super Porridge!

Breakfast in a jar

A breakfast crumble

Fat banana pancake

Spelt & chia hot cross buns with figs, raisins & dark choc



Moroccan roasted couliflower salad

Summer Goddess Salad

Warm cauliflower and aubergine salad

Golden beetroot!

Salad for a healthy body and a healthy mind

Roasted fennel, carrot and watercress salad

A vibrant late summer salad

Buckwheat and beetroot salad

Mediterranean quinoa salad


Greenalicious pasta

Soup for all seasons

My vegan lasagne

Spiced veggie patties

Baked mushroom and tofu spring rolls

Warming pumpkin tagine with spicy chickpeas


Indian Curry Night

Vegan cauliflower cheeze

Chocolate chilli, baked potatoes, salsa & lime cashew cheeze


Sweet treats

Chewy chocolate bars

A nutty fruit cake

Double chocolate brownies

A Goodness Gracious staple; cookies!

Espresso Truffles

Persimmon and banana muffins with a pecan crumb

Chocolate brownies for a friend

Green balls of goodness

Bananas for banana bread

Raw cacao and mint slice

Banana and dark chocolate cookies

Truffles of goodness

Christmas cookies

Nut butter cookies

Mixed berry and caramel cake

Cacao & Ginger energy bars

Vanilla cream cake with seasonal fruit


Almond butter and blueberry smoothies

Cacao & avocado shakes