Truffles of goodness


I am so very excited to be sharing a new recipe with you all. I have spent the last two months backpacking around India and been inspired in so many new ways. However this recipe is based on something I was dreaming on after weeks of curry, rice and chai tea so it has no resemblance of Indian flavours! These are the perfect after dinner treat with a cup of camomile tea. I will soon update you all with a selection of healthy Indian recipes, some inspired by a cooking class and others from the infamous street stalls.

The truffles hide a dirty green filling bursting with antioxidants. Matcha green tea powder is one of the highest sources of antioxidants, so you can eat these choccies without a guilty filling, knowing that the cacao and matcha will be fighting all those free radicals floating around your body!


Coconut matcha truffles

Makes approximately 12 small truffles


For the raw chocolate

1/4 C cacao

1/4 C coconut oil

1/4 C raw honey or pure maple syrup

For the filling

1/4 C coconut butter

2 T matcha green tea powder

2 T raw honey


To make the raw chocolate combine all the ingredients in a bowl over a bowl of hot water. Stir until smooth. Place a spoonful of the chocolate into mini patty pan cases. Freeze for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile mix together the filling ingredients. Once the chocolate is set roll small balls of the filling and place in the centre of the chocolate. Top with 2 teaspoonfuls of the chocolate, repeat until all truffles are complete. Lastly sprinkle on a little Himalayan pink salt. Place back in the freezer for 15 minutes before eating. These will store for a couple of weeks if kept in the freezer.


Enjoy! X