A tropical lassi


I am currently sitting out on the porch surrounded by palm trees and sipping one of these delightful drinks. It’s the perfect ending to a busy week at work. I’m also trying to make the most of the beautiful 30 degree weather we have been blessed with here and soaking up as much vitamin D as I can get.

This is my tropical version of the Lassi drink which originated from India. Lassi mean yoghurt drink and for this recipe I have used natural greek yoghurt. However, if you have an intolerance to dairy coconut yoghurt would work wonderfully.

Mango and mint Lassi

1 C frozen mango (we picked and froze our own during mango season)

1 C greek yoghurt (or plant yoghurt)

1 C water

1/4 C mint leaves

2 T shredded coconut

1 t fresh grated tumeric


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. The drink should be lovely and thick and creamy.

Pour into glasses and garnish with mint.







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