A fruity Acai bowl



Think sweet, refreshing, tangy, creamy and crunchy all packed into on little bowl of goodness!

This is my version of the very popular Acai bowl. Acai is a wild Amazonian berry packed with the highest concentration of antioxidants for fruit. It has a similar taste to blueberries although a little more bitter. For this recipe i have used organic freeze dried acai powder wild harvested from within the Amazon in a native bio-diverse ecosystem.

I often enjoy one of these bowls as an afternoon snack, early lunch or post workout breakfast. The toppings for these bowls are endless! I always try to use seasonal fruit and then some of my favourite seeds to add a good crunch factor.


Goodness gracious acai bowl

Serves one


1 C frozen berries (I use blueberries and raspberries)

1 frozen banana

1 C coconut milk

A few mint leaves

1 T acai powder

1 T LSA (linseed, sunflower, almond)


2 T activated buckwheat or buckwheat granola

1 T chia seeds

1 T coconut flakes

Seasonal fruit, I like passionfruit, star fruit and strawberries but any combination will work


Place all the ingredients into a blender and whizΒ for a good 1-2 minutes until a nice smooth consistency is achieved.

Now pour into your bowl and top with buckwheat, chia and fruit. You can mix it up with your favourite choice of seeds, granola and fruit.




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